About us

OUR HISTORY: Mr. Dwight was the publisher of the Holyoke Transcript and later several other surrounding newspapers. All through the Roaring '20s, the Dwights hosted Christmas galas, Halloween masquerades, annual tennis tournaments and dozens of socials and garden tea parties. Mrs. Dwight was extremely supportive of the Leesburg High School Senior class. Mr. Dwight passed away in 1930, leaving his wife to take the reigns of the newspaper and continuing hospitality at Pine Eden, which she held until her death in 1957 at the age of 84.

After a handful of new owners over the century, we purchased the home with the intent to convert it to a boutique restaurant and a vision of it becoming something special for the community, thus the making of The Rose Plantation. A new rose garden was added, the porches were enclosed for year-round dining and a commercial kitchen was added. We turned the century-old lakefront plantation home into an upscale boutique restaurant for the community to come together and enjoy a fine dining experience. The Rose Plantation opened its doors to share this wonderful home with guests in December of 2016

COME DINE WITH US: The Rose Plantation Restaurant offers a casual yet elegant dining experience amidst a serene and beautiful atmosphere. This historic century-old house was built by the prominent Dwight family of Massachusetts and is situated on a four-acre property along Fountain Lake on Rose Avenue. The dining experience is enhanced with eclectic china, fine silverware, stemware, and linen tablecloths, creating the perfect setting for the Americana-style food and wine that they offer. During lunchtime, the restaurant serves up a more casual dining experience with delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, and weekly specials. The Rose Plantation is a family-owned and operated establishment.